A new year and decade!

The Vancouver Raging Grannies wish you the very best in 2020 and beyond!


We are hoping to document the Grannies’ long history this coming year.


Please contact Florence at 604-253-6331 or florenceflynn@hotmail.com if you have any information to share – or are interested in joining!

Honouring Barb Taylor

Barb Taylor, one of our Raging Grannies, passed away on September 5, 2019. We miss her terribly. Here is a note from her, as well as the program from the celebration of her life.

A message from Barb:

For many of us who had been earnestly writing letters and briefs over the years, The Raging Grannies came as a chance to sing our truth to power and people with humour and zest.  Our motley outfits of hats and shawls and aprons had a liberating effect, much like a clown or fool’s costume, allowing us to be a little outrageous.  We like to think the laughter allowed us to plant seeds of thought on matters related to peace, social justice and the environment.  Sometimes there was concern that we were “preaching to the converted,” but I maintained that even the converted need bolstering, too.

Thanks especially to Robyn for her good leadership from the beginning in Vancouver and to Bar Seifred for her hundreds, now thousands of timely songs across Canada over the years, and to our other good members who contributed so much. 



To life!

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The granny retrospective is today!

Come and join the amazing grannies!   Raging grannies poster

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Raging Granny profile: Betty Krawczyk

Read about an amazing granny from Victoria

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The Grannies are looking for new members!

Come and join our fun group of grannies!   For more information, please contact Florence at 604-253-6331, florenceflynn@hotmail.com

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Grannies in the news!

Victoria’s Raging Grannies to be honoured in the Human Rights Museum: https://www.cheknews.ca/human-rights-museum-features-raging-grannies-296262/      

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The grannies hit the island!

A wonderful granny has moved, so the full gang went on an adventure to see her.  

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The grannies on video!

Watch the grannies march to the big rage here and here!

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Harperman rally

Lister to the grannies here, here, here and here! And read about the protest, too.

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