Wikipedia has a lot to say about us


Basically, the Raging Grannies are caring older women who endeavour to raise awareness of issues relating to peace, the environment, and social justice through satirical songs and skits. Even if political conscious, we are not partisan… And we often show up where we are not wanted! We dedicate our efforts to the children of the world.

WHAT WE ARE RAGING ABOUT – We are enraged about the conditions in which people are forced to endure their lives and about the state of the Earth we are leaving for our grandchildren. We rage against a system that has allowed this to happen, and the institutions that perpetuate the atrocities against our planet: toxic waste dumps, landfills, nuclear facilities, gas, pipelines, and hydro towers.

SNEAKY TECHNIQUE – Comedy is a great way to catch people’s attention, and once their interest is sparked, a “message” can then be slipped in unobtrusively, yet effectively. The audience swallows the pill and gets exposed to a different point of view quite painlessly.

STARTER KIT – You could start a Raging Grannies group easily in your region. Bring together a group of women. Get a Raging Grannies Songbook. Find songs to sing, then pratice, practice, practice! Being able to carry a tune helps, but a clear enunciation of the words is more important than being in the right key.

KEEP IN TOUCH – Have a telephone tree to keep in touch with everyone in your group. Let us know of your existence. And Join us: Canadian Raging Grannies get together once a year for a national “unconvention”.


Come and join us!


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