The First Group to call themselves “Raging Grannies” sprouted in the winter of 1986-87 in Victoria, British Columbia. Several peace activists who had been doing street theatre, dressed in Salvation Army gladrags, and with outrageous hats, began singing satirical songs to protest against nuclear-armed powered warships, uraniun mining, clearcut logging, pollution, militarism, poverty, racism, and corporate greed.

Raging Grannies have been arrested but never taken to court, and we have appeared on CBCs “Man Alive”, “What’s My Line?”, and “Front Page Challenge”; and on CTVs “Lifeline”. Raging Grannies have been heard on CBCs radio show ‘Morningside”, and featured in many national, regional, and local magazines and newspapers. In 1988, the Victoria Raging Grannies were refused entry into BCs legislature to present their briefs. But maybe because their briefs were an asortement of undies pegged on to a clothsline.

Raging Grannies groups quickly sprang up accros Canada. These include Grannies in Saltspring Island, Gabriola Island, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Seattle, and San Francisco. Each group changes the words of familiar tunes to suit their particular circumstances.

Grannies sing for women’s rights, a clean environment, better education, and an end to military spending.


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